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1848 Version: N/A Players: N/A
Uptime: 38.22 Location: Unknown
Score: 65 Votes daily: 0
MC-HideNSeek Bukkit/SpigotHardcoreNo whitelistPvpMonsters disabledEconomyNew IP:
Server information
Status: Inactive
Owner: legobrahmc
Votes today: 0
Registered for: -969.9 days.
Pageviews: 1134
Server description
The objective of this fun game mode is to hide from the player that is declared the Seeker. It's the class game of the Hide and Seek that we have all come to know sometime in our childhood days - with a twist; All the hiding players are disguised as a certain type of minecraft block and when still for 5 seconds, will turn into a solid block. It is then the seeker's job to find and kill all the hiding players before time runs out - or else the hiders win. Here's the catch though - Once the Seeker finds a hiding player, the hiding player joins the Seeker's team to find the remaining hiding players.
People who voted today: noone.
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