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Owner: zidane700
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Don't you miss the good old days of playing Pokemon Red/Blue on your over-sized Gameboy? Do you remember the very first Pokemon you ever received? Neither do I. Nonetheless, the simplicity and spirit of the first few Pokemon games has been "caught" in full by Minecraft's Pixelmon mod (making Pokemon massively multiplayer in the process). All of your favorite Pokemon have been remodeled in beautiful Minecraft 3D and the battle system has developed quite a bit, being nearly identical to the first few games. Go explore the jungle and find that Vileplume! Or search the ocean for that future Gyarados (Magikarp =p)! Biome-dependent Pokemon spawns give you many reasons to explore! Come and join our awesome and friendly community and play on our incredibly fast, SSD (Solid State Drive), 4GB COMPLETELY dedicated RAM server!! With no lag, no downtime, and 60 slots, there will always be a place for
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