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34 Version: 1.4.7 Players: 0/100
Uptime: 98.82 Location: Europe
Score: 1597 Votes daily: 17.7
Technomc - Tekkit Lite TekkitSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpEconomyYoutubeNewRecently edited IP:
Server information
Status: Online (checked 6 minutes ago)
Owner: Typhooncraft
Votes today: 130
Registered for: -916.9 days.
Pageviews: 20112
Server description
We are a lag free Tekkit lite server with friendly staff and a good community and aim to be lag free and stay that way. as we get more donations and players we will upgrade and get a survival,creative and maybe a survival games one but this depends on YOU we need YOU to join today and be apart of our community.

TPS at 20 99% of the time
Regular Backups taken in case something happens
Few Banned Items (when i say that i mean it)
Canvas Bag Dupe fixed!!
Friendly and welcoming staff which would be happy to help you find your way around

We use a Multi World plugin which allows us to use a mining world so quarries can be used without making the main world look like a bomb site!
People who voted today: ArjanxNL, Woody_Pigeon, Neumenor, stanvroemen, Tores77, ProSzymon_PL, dr_sohan, carneymaster11, GOLDEN123456780, nickurus01, ERBAMAN_Dragon97, Namikaze_Eirlys, DoGrZ, Mart475, cadencraft, noelleosuch, thellama_king, badscr, Brrrangus, Albale, winther99, megakrumpac, connortcb.
Youtube video
(Apr-13-14 at 08:50) nikander100:
really nice server and same what SK8rCh1c said
(Oct-18-13 at 04:05) Sk8rCh1c:
Best Damn Server EVAR!!!!! Come on and play! Awesome people, Mining World, Beastly staff, and anti-greif! There is also a PVP arena! FUN!!
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Technomc - Tekkit Lite