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51 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 0/50
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1043 Votes per day: 1.5
TeamCraft PVP PVE Factions Survival Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsCracked serversMcmmoYoutube Server IP:
TeamCraft is a highly balanced Factions / PVP / Survival Minecraft Server. We are a group of experienced Minecraft players tired of cheating, flying, instant teleporting repeatedly and even some players having full immunity. It breaks the fun and Minecraft's dynamic completely. Every player sh...
52 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 1/72
Uptime: 96.78% Location: Unknown
Score: 1040 Votes per day: 0
Canadia Craft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmo Server IP:
Canadia Craft is a dedicated server hosted in the United States. The purpose of our server is to give out as many fun features as possible. One of the epic plugins are Dungeons that you and your friends can team up to conquer. More epic plugins that we have are: � CRACKED � Ability to f...
53 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 0/3000
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1035 Votes per day: 0.8
Chilli Bukkit Server Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsTownyHunger gamesMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
Come and join the CHILLISERVER NETWORK In game bonuses are available for those who VOTE for the network. There is loads to see and do from: - Hub - Just come and have a jump around the hub before choosing your game. Chilli - which is a survival map with grief prevention, Towny, economy ...
54 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 12/125
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1035 Votes per day: 2.6
Gildorym Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalWhitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledRoleplayFactionsYoutube Server IP:
Gildorym is intended to be a simplified Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 based Minecraft server with Mature Role-play scenarios inside the continent of Faerûn. -Dungeons -Events -Roleplay PVP [Fair system that allows for luck and chance to win -Preset lore: D&D 3.5 edition Forgotten Rea...
55 Version: 1.7.4 Players: 9/250
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1033 Votes per day: 0
Legion of Anarchy Server IP:
Legion of Anarchy is a minecraft anarchy server allowing griefing, looting, swearing, EVERYTHING. Tries to stay close to vanilla minecraft survival while preventing cheating as much as possible.
56 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 0/75
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 991 Votes per day: 2.5
BAAACraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplaySkyblockMcmmo Server IP:
BAAACraft is a server created by three friends. We're a fun and friendly, mature community! Mob arena, Battle Arena, Daily Chest, Fishing Tournament, holiday events. We need more arenas! Come play with us! Visit the dynmap at
57 Version: BungeeCord 1.7.9 Players: 3/100
Uptime: 99.66% Location: North America
Score: 991 Votes per day: 0.4
CreeperCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsSkyblockHunger gamesMcmmoAnarchyYoutube Server IP:
Welcome to CreeperCraft Are you ready to get Creeped?! Welcome to the adventure. We are a MMO survival server with both PvP and No-PvP worlds, creative mode flatroom and an arena world for survival games. Finally, We have a great community of dedicated players. Survival Games, Spleef and...
58 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 25/100
Uptime: 99.61% Location: Unknown
Score: 983 Votes per day: 0
Behind Bars Prison Custom Plugins Server IP:
Welcome to Prison. From here you are expected to spend the rest of your life Behind Bars working in the mines and chopping trees, but there is a chance to rejoin society. Work hard, prove yourself worthy and eventually after climbing several ranks you can
59 Version: BungeeCord 1.7.9 Players: 0/100
Uptime: 99.85% Location: North America
Score: 983 Votes per day: 0.7
Pwn9 YASMP Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabled Server IP:
Welcome to the Pwn9 YASMP (Yet Another Survival Multi-Player) Server! Our server is a fusion of PvP and Survival along with a few small, privileged creative zones for our VIP members to enjoy if they are feeling the urge to be artistic. For the most pa
60 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 3/20
Uptime: 77.24% Location: Europe
Score: 979 Votes per day: 0
MineFox Professional Minecraft Server Server IP:
Invite you to best server Minecraft, 24/7, java8, debian6, No-premium, No-Hamachi, LAGS,CRASHS FREE :), houses, rpg, many cities and more...
61 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 1111/1
Uptime: 99.77% Location: North America
Score: 974 Votes per day: 0
Mcraftia 24/7 96gb ram Server IP:
2 servers mcmmo survival rpg pvp survival NO LAG - 24/7 Minecraft 1.2.5 Survival Bukkit++ economy ...
62 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 4/40
Uptime: 99.69% Location: North America
Score: 970 Votes per day: 2.3
FrostMC Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsSkyblockCracked serversMcmmoYoutubeMinigames Server IP:
FrostMC is a Cracked, 1.6.4, PVP, raiding, Griefing and mcMMO server. It also has multiple minigames such as: PaintBall, MobArena and Spleef. JOIN NOW AT Play.Frost-MC.Net
63 Version: 1.4.7 Players: 11/32
Uptime: 97.00% Location: Europe
Score: 960 Votes per day: 4.2
Cube-Planet Tekkit Lite TekkitSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabled Server IP:
64 Version: 1.8 Players: 0/4
Uptime: 96.06% Location: Europe
Score: 954 Votes per day: 0
crustycraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactions Server IP:
a small server just looking for people to come join us!
65 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 2/99
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 949 Votes per day: 0
VillageCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomy Server IP:
Come join a growing survival server! VillageCraft is a purely public server; anyone can join. Gameplay is survival-based with PVP on in most areas. VillageCraft, as the name suggests, is about teaming up to build villages. Worthy villages are granted special permissions, such as disallowing P...
66 Version: 1.8 Players: 103/1111
Uptime: 99.79% Location: North America
Score: 943 Votes per day: 0
MONCRAFTPAINTBALLQUESTSPVP Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabled Server IP: Game.MonCraft.Net
MONCRAFT: Free, fun, survival AND creative server Join now, become a Citizen on an and get a free kit! We're both creative, and survival on the SAME map! ===================================================== More info @ Buy Ranks / C
67 Version: 1.7.4 Players: 0/101
Uptime: 99.35% Location: North America
Score: 941 Votes per day: 1.3
Phobos PVP Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsSkyblockHunger gamesMcmmoAnarchyMinigames Server IP:
FULLY FUNCTIONAL 1.7.9 FACTIONS SERVER! All new 16GB hardware and host! IP: Site: Oldskool Factions PVP - Raiding, killing, and stealing are all allowed! Featuring McMMO and Obsidian Destroyer, Cash for mobs, Bounties, free ranks and more! C...
68 Version: BungeeCord 1.7.9 Players: 1/200
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Unknown
Score: 928 Votes per day: 0
T.U.MineCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayTowny Server IP:
Running 1.3.1 We are a Towny/P.V.P server Installed Plug-ins Towny,Mcmmo,Essentials,Iconomy-6,Mob Bounty.LWC,Mob arena, Spleef Arena..We are a new server where there are limited rules..All wilderness is pvp anything goes.Join a town for a safe place to store your items..Donator perks,10 Dollars a...
69 Version: ProxyPipe, Inc. Players: 0/0
Uptime: 99.10% Location: Europe
Score: 926 Votes per day: 0
VoRteXPvP Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactions Server IP:
VoRteX PvP We Staffs Actually Help Out You Players And Listen To Your Suggestions! Never Have Your Questions Or Opinions Ignored Ever Again! Love To Raid Bases, But Faction Has Chest Protection? Not On This Server It Doesn't! Raid Faction Chests!
70 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 1/100
Uptime: 99.18% Location: North America
Score: 918 Votes per day: 0
MineSworn Community Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactions Server IP:
Where does a game cease to be just a diversion, and become a real life world to explore endlessly with your close friends? MineSworn Community
71 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 0/60
Uptime: 99.87% Location: North America
Score: 913 Votes per day: 0
Reaper's Reach SurvivalPvpMonsters enabledFactions Server IP:
Reaper's Reach is a hardcore PVP server utilizing the Factions plugin to allow players to create and manage their own groups and protect their land. Be aware however that land is never fully safe as it is able to be griefed by TNT! However! Those clever e
72 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 12/80
Uptime: 99.88% Location: Europe
Score: 911 Votes per day: 0
Tallcraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomy Server IP:
The Tallcraft Freebuild Server is an international Minecraft server That means: Speak the language you want to speak, build wherever and whatever you want in every gamemode you want to play! Trade with other players, fight in arenas, build on the city in Creative or explore the wilderness ...
73 Version: 1.8 Players: 3/200
Uptime: 99.32% Location: Unknown
Score: 911 Votes per day: 0
Super Happy Fun Time Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomy Server IP:
A down to earth, good ole fashioned, Minecraft server. (v1.3.1) No griefing, cheating, or abuse allowed. We ban those people to keep the population happy. Survival setting. Lots of mods installed, economy, plot reservation, shops, friendly admins, etc. Have a good time!
74 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 9/500
Uptime: 99.56% Location: Europe
Score: 910 Votes per day: 0
Antares! Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTowny Server IP:
A long time running server just recently passed its first year of being online (To be exact February). We have a limit of 50 slots but it can be increased! We accept young to old players everyone is welcome! We have various worlds including a Survival world, RP World, No rules resource world ...
75 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 0/100
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 910 Votes per day: 0 Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistMonsters enabled Server IP:
Some information about the server: VIPs, Super VIPs, and Goldys Donating to Innectis will give you benefits, depending on how much you donate! To donate, see this url. TinyWE A scaled down version of World Edit available to Super VIPs and up that
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