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51 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 4/72
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Unknown
Score: 1325 Votes per day: 1.7
Canadia Craft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmo Server IP:
Canadia Craft is a dedicated server hosted in the United States. The purpose of our server is to give out as many fun features as possible. One of the epic plugins are Dungeons that you and your friends can team up to conquer. More epic plugins that we have are: � CRACKED � Ability to f...
52 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 8/50
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1295 Votes per day: 4
CrypticCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomyMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
Hello! We are a server that has a focus on Survival/PvE. We are open 24/7 and are not whitelisted. Our staff are friendly and skilled and the community we have are awesome! We try to install plugins to make the experience as fun as possible, while still considering whether those plugins w...
53 Version: 1.5.2 Players: 4/50
Uptime: 92.25% Location: Europe
Score: 1283 Votes per day: 4.3
TechnoMC - FTB Unleashed FtbNo pvpEconomyYoutube Server IP:
TechnoMC Has now once again expanded in to a new modpack so we bring to you TechnoMC FTB A 40 slot FTB server for you and your friends to join play and have fun on the epic modpack that is FTB Please activate all mods in edit modpack except Hats Hat stand and deathclock
54 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 0/500
Uptime: 99.79% Location: North America
Score: 1277 Votes per day: 5
MythicCrafters Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactions Server IP:
Hello minecraft players from around the world! Do you like griefing, raiding with big factions, and possibly finding that lover that you always dreamed of on minecraft? Well then this server is for you! MythicCrafters is not only an ideal place to pvp, raid, and settle down with someone special, ...
55 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 14/50
Uptime: 99.75% Location: Unknown
Score: 1269 Votes per day: 3.2
ClownerCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomyHunger games Server IP:
ClownerCraft is a small community, centred on building and socialising in minecarft. its free to join. Unlike other servers our focus is on allowing creativity, with a little bit of challenge. We encourage players to build amazing houses, constructions, not just dig a hole underground and hide t...
56 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 3/75
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1252 Votes per day: 4.1
BAAACraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplaySkyblockMcmmo Server IP:
BAAACraft is a server created by three friends. We're a fun and friendly, mature community! Mob arena, Battle Arena, Daily Chest, Fishing Tournament, holiday events. We need more arenas! Come play with us! Visit the dynmap at
57 Version: 1.5.2 Players: 231/500
Uptime: 99.58% Location: Europe
Score: 1247 Votes per day: 5.5
SmSm Craft Bukkit/SpigotCreativeNo whitelistPvpMonsters disabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTownySkyblockHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmoAnarchyMinigames Server IP: SmSmCraft.Com
Welcome All To Server SmSmCraft We Have Alote Games And Pvps Just Write /Warp
58 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 7/50
Uptime: 99.89% Location: North America
Score: 1244 Votes per day: 5
OLYMPUS ONLINE Bukkit/SpigotHardcoreNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsMcmmoYoutube Server IP:
THE OLYMPUS ADVENTURE Olympus offers several features to players including: MCMMO, FACTION, DUNGEONS, PLOT RENTING AND BUYING, PLAYTIME RANKS, and a pinch of RPG. Once you have settled in a nice and safe home in the wild, there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself busy. 1. ...
59 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 10/100
Uptime: 99.34% Location: Europe
Score: 1237 Votes per day: 2.7
Winthier Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyYoutube Server IP:
We are a seasoned Minecraft community with a focus on fun and balanced gameplay. A wide range of custom mods and plugins is there to give you an exclusive experience which is fair, challenging and unique. - Economy (Collect in-game money) - GriefPrevention (Claim your land to protect it) - Ski...
60 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 1/60
Uptime: 92.50% Location: North America
Score: 1233 Votes per day: 2.3
Mankara Minecraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomySkyblockMcmmoYoutube Server IP:
A builder’s Paradise! Join @ Worlds: Eoshandar, the main world, a 1.7 custom world, a 20,000 by 20,000 survival map with no PvP. Main 1.6.4 world, Dumatha, a 20,000 x 20,000 survival map with no PvP. Creative map, Tral Triedmore, with 100 x 100 plots. Creative Co...
61 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 3/50
Uptime: 96.97% Location: North America
Score: 1219 Votes per day: 2.6
Japura Survival City Bukkit/SpigotZombie SurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsMcmmo Server IP:
---------------------background info------------ PVP zombie city survival server running a lot of custom plugins. Players can create tribes to claim and protect land. A massive city is generated over the normal minecraft world, and is ready to be looted! Watch out for the endless...
62 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 8/50
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1174 Votes per day: 3.3
Creeperhugger Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsSkyblockHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
Open 24/7 @ Dedicated server, hosted in a datacenter! Factions, Creative, Hungergames, PVP, PVE, Economy+Server store. Everybody is welcome!
63 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 9/100
Uptime: 99.50% Location: Europe
Score: 1150 Votes per day: 2.6
Afternoon Tea Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyTownyMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
"Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their sensibilities, will always be the beverage of the intellectual." Welcome to Afternoon Tea, sit back, relax, and play some Minecraft! Launched in early 2013, ATC is a great server with a reputation for fair play, frien...
64 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 5/100
Uptime: 96.77% Location: North America
Score: 1142 Votes per day: 3.1
Alanthya 2 Years of Custom Survival PVP Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
~2+ Years of 24/7 Survival PvP~ Server IP: Some of our plugins include -Armor Abilities -ArmorHUD -Bloodmoon -BOSEconomy -Catacombs -ChestBank -CombatTag *Anti-PVP Logging. -DynMap -Lockette -mcMMO -iAuction -Item Lores -Mob Arena -Lottery -PvP Arena...
65 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 25/75
Uptime: 99.82% Location: Unknown
Score: 1127 Votes per day: 4.3
ConspiracyCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
- ConspiracyCraft - We have a professionally ran Faction/PvP server with many different gamemodes to keep you entertained! Dynmap This is a neat tool that allows see players and view a live map of the factions server. Useful for raiding! :3 Blow up your enemies ...
66 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 1/120
Uptime: 99.32% Location: North America
Score: 1121 Votes per day: 3.2
MCE HubServer Connect To Tons Of Servers Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTownySkyblockHunger gamesMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
Welcome to The MCE HUB Here you can connect to all of MCE's Servers! IP: Our Current Servers: Kingdoms&Empires: A PVP Survival Server with a creative twist on the factions/towny plugin DreamCraft: A Plot me anti greif Creative Server! Hunger Games PaintBall ...
67 Version: 1.7.4 Players: 15/500
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1110 Votes per day: 4.3
OrbitMines Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTownySkyblockMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
IP: IP: Our current Games: - Survival/Towny - - Hide And Seek - - Color Shuffle - - Factions - - Creative - - SkyBlock - - Prison - - PaintBall - - Spleef - - Kit PvP - - SkyWars - ↓↓↓↓↓ VOTE ↓↓↓&d...
68 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 0/45
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1107 Votes per day: 4.3
Acutecraft Bukkit/SpigotCreativeNo pvpMonsters disabledYoutube Server IP:
Acutecraft is a 24/7 creative, freebuild server that is open to people of all ages and nationalities. We have a strong community and offer various workshops designed to help people improve their building skills as well as building contests and other fun events. We do use graylisting so expec...
69 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 8/40
Uptime: 99.41% Location: North America
Score: 1103 Votes per day: 3.3
NobleBending Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyMinigames Server IP:
NobleBending is a server based around the Minecraft: The Last Airbender plugin with a modern twist, featuring a full economy, self-service land protection, great staff, and more. We invite you to come join our distinguished community!
70 Version: 1.7.4 Players: 7/500
Uptime: 99.90% Location: North America
Score: 1097 Votes per day: 4.8
GodHub Bukkit/SpigotPrisonPvpMonsters disabledEconomy Server IP:
A A-Z Op Prison GodPrison Very Good. Has Lots Of Great Staff/ Staff Members. Have Fun With A Great Prison With PrisonGod Rank. And Prestige Ranks Which Show How Hard You Have Worked. Very Fun With Good Donation Perks. Join Now! Additional Notes A A-Z Op Prison GodPrison Very Good. Has Lots Of G...
71 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 9/3000
Uptime: 99.88% Location: Europe
Score: 1095 Votes per day: 1.4
Chilli Bukkit Server Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsTownyHunger gamesMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
Come and join the CHILLISERVER NETWORK In game bonuses are available for those who VOTE for the network. There is loads to see and do from: - Hub - Just come and have a jump around the hub before choosing your game. Chilli - which is a survival map with grief prevention, Towny, economy ...
72 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 0/10
Uptime: 98.83% Location: North America
Score: 1078 Votes per day: 2.7
Cometcraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsSkyblockCracked serversMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
Welcome to Cometcraft, a new raiding, PvP and factions server! The map is untouched, new lands wait to be explored and mighty empires shall be founded! Sick of TNT cannons? Wanna blow up your enemies in a more customizable and dynamic way? We have cannons which can be used as long-range artille...
73 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 3/24
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1076 Votes per day: 4.6
WePwnzGaming Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsCracked serversMinigames Server IP:
Factions | PvP | 24/7 | Disguise | Kits | Silkspawners | Shop | Survival | TNTRun | Buycraft
74 Version: 1.7.4 Players: 5/100
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1061 Votes per day: 4.1
CrazyPokerBlackout Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsHunger gamesCracked serversYoutubeMinigames Server IP:
What we have: - A Minigameword to earn money for factions! - A PvP ground for ultimate Player versus Player fights - Special weapons and armour to buy and win by voting - Ranks to buy with youre euros or ingame money - Hungergames Ingameranks! - Jack - Queen King - Joker - B...
75 Version: 1.7.2 Players: 26/200
Uptime: 99.57% Location: Europe
Score: 1050 Votes per day: 3.5
Blackmagiccraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsHunger gamesYoutubeMinigames Server IP:
32 GB RAM 24/7 Nolagg SSD Schijf Ddos protect Event-team en staffteam beste :) Dynmap Quake /warp beta Skyblock /sb (Onderhoud) Paintball /PB SurvivalGames /SG Splegg /splegg join 1 spleef /spleef join 1 1vs1 /1vs1 join 1 Empire fight is in onderhoud K...
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