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26 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 19/20
Uptime: 99.87% Location: Europe
Score: 2824 Votes per day: 11
Tr1pW1re Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTownySkyblockHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmo Server IP:
Welcome to Tr1pW1re Current Features: Frequent Drop Parties Factions Towny Creative SkyBlock Infected Build Game The Walls Sky Wars Parkour KitPVP and more... Adding more everyday! Come join us for the ultimate minecraft experience!
27 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 0/250
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 2823 Votes per day: 10.5
FutureRealms Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTownySkyblockHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmoAnarchyMinigames Server IP:
Hello Minecrafters. Today I introduce to you the FutureRealms network. We have been online for more than 7 months, no big resets have ever occurred! Our server is hosted on a high quality machine in Europe. The specifications are as follows : - Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (4 cores/ 8 Thread... (more)
28 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 36/500
Uptime: 98.26% Location: Unknown
Score: 2759 Votes per day: 9.8
PLAY HAVENMC COM AdventureNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyTowny Server IP:
[IP] PLAY.HAVENMC.COM - Happy One Year Online! [website] The Top 10 ranked server needs you! Spoiler: Staff App Haven has no whitelist so come experience what so many others already love! Haven rewards hardwork and lets you choose your path to a... (more)
29 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 31/100
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Unknown
Score: 2727 Votes per day: 11.5
Somnus Realms Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomyTownyMcmmoYoutube Server IP:
Somnus Realms is a friendly server designed for Minecraft at its purest. The main world is survival with towns, skills and magic! The unique magic allows you to do things that no other servers allow - for example use nature magic to change the weather and time, or become a vampire and turn... (more)
30 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 7/63
Uptime: 98.54% Location: Asia
Score: 2657 Votes per day: 12.1
MusicCraft Bukkit/SpigotPrisonPvpMonsters enabledFactionsSkyblockMcmmoYoutubeMinigames Server IP:
MusicCraft has Skyblock , Creative And Survival + Factions With amazing Guns you Never seen before. Come join us now !
31 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 618/1500
Uptime: 99.58% Location: Unknown
Score: 2428 Votes per day: 10
ZatoxPvP Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpEconomyFactionsCracked serversMcmmoAnarchy Server IP:
ZatoxPvP is all about raiding and pvping with eachother! come and visit us on:
32 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 5/30
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 2193 Votes per day: 7.6
A Whole Other Level Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledYoutube Server IP:
|*| Semi-Vanilla Survival |*| The focus of this server is to provide players with an atmosphere that is close to vanilla, but that enhances the experience just a little to better fit with the multiplayer nature of the server. To ensure every player is able to learn just what makes this ... (more)
33 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 19/51
Uptime: 99.50% Location: Unknown
Score: 2084 Votes per day: 6.7
ClownerCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomyRecently edited Server IP:
ClownerCraft was a small, non-pvp survival server. Over it’s existence the community has grown, dramatically. We decided to try and create a server that was unique, and different to the over-common factions servers. And I think we’ve achieved this well by making the server d... (more)
34 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 20/800
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 2082 Votes per day: 7.1
Minegusta Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsHunger gamesMinigames Server IP:
~Welcome to Minegusta~ Quick summary: DayZ Wasteland, Plots, Vampire, Werewolf, Races, Skills, Magic, Factions, Pvp, Raiding, Bosses, Custom Plugins, Fun Commands, Hunger Games, Arena's, Donor Perks, Events, 24/7, Friendly Staff and No Lagg. Website: Forum... (more)
35 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 6/110
Uptime: 99.37% Location: North America
Score: 2077 Votes per day: 7.3
Kronic Zombie Survival Bukkit/SpigotZombie SurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayHunger gamesAnarchyMinigamesRecently edited Server IP:
Ever Want To Know What Its Like To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse With Guns? Kronic Zombie Survival is a zombie apocalypse server in which you can rent rooms, buy horses, armor, enchants, guns, and more all with in game cash. You will earn cash for killing the infected, and any player you ... (more)
36 Version: 1.5.2 Players: 374/1000
Uptime: 99.06% Location: Europe
Score: 2015 Votes per day: 8.8
SmSm Craft Bukkit/SpigotCreativeNo whitelistPvpMonsters disabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTownySkyblockHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmoAnarchyMinigames Server IP: SmSmCraft.Com
Welcome All To Server SmSmCraft We Have Alote Games And Pvps Just Write /Warp
37 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 8/100
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1984 Votes per day: 7.5
RenegadeCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyFactionsSkyblockHunger gamesCracked serversMcmmoYoutube Server IP:
We are the ultimate factions/pvp/raid server. Invite and play with your friends and become one of the top factions on our server today! Server Info: 100 Slots, 32 GB ram, 8 cores, 24/7, SSD, NO LAG - Survival - Factions - PvP - Raiding - Chest Shops - MCMMO Connected Servers:... (more)
38 Version: BungeeCord 1.7.9 Players: 15/1
Uptime: 99.14% Location: Unknown
Score: 1678 Votes per day: 7.7
Phoenix nexus Bukkit/SpigotPrisonPvpEconomyMcmmoRecently edited Server IP:
This server, it is fantastic. ^_^
39 Version: 1.8 Players: 0/50
Uptime: 99.75% Location: North America
Score: 1615 Votes per day: 3.4
Mankara Minecraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledEconomySkyblockMcmmoYoutube Server IP:
A builder’s Paradise! Join @ Worlds: Eoshandar, the main world, a 1.7 custom world, a 20,000 by 20,000 survival map with no PvP. Main 1.6.4 world, Dumatha, a 20,000 x 20,000 survival map with no PvP. Creative map, Tral Triedmore, with 100 x 100 plots. Crea... (more)
40 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 2/100
Uptime: 97.18% Location: North America
Score: 1542 Votes per day: 5
FrostMC Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsSkyblockCracked serversMcmmoYoutubeMinigames Server IP:
FrostMC is a Cracked, 1.6.4, PVP, raiding, Griefing and mcMMO server. It also has multiple minigames such as: PaintBall, MobArena and Spleef. JOIN NOW AT Play.Frost-MC.Net
41 Version: 1.7.4 Players: 0/1
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1530 Votes per day: 5.8
OrbitMines Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsTownySkyblockMcmmoMinigames Server IP:
Server Description: IP: Server currently running on Minecraft 1.7 Our server is EULA friendly. Hello Player. You have just found the server where you were looking for. Unique, an awesome community and loads of custom plugins and gamemodes. Come Join us at Hub... (more)
42 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 5/250
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1453 Votes per day: 5.9
Team9000 - Survival Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabled Server IP:
The community that ran the number one Classic servers also love Survival! Team9000 ran the top Classic building servers for over four years. Now, the community that is T9k has stepped up and is offering a Survival experience like no other! We offer a limitless building world with minima... (more)
43 Version: 1.7.4 Players: 3/1000
Uptime: 99.89% Location: North America
Score: 1444 Votes per day: 3.5
Phobos PVP Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayFactionsSkyblockHunger gamesMcmmoAnarchyMinigames Server IP:
FULLY FUNCTIONAL 1.7.9 FACTIONS SERVER! All new 16GB hardware and host! IP: Site: Oldskool Factions PVP - Raiding, killing, and stealing are all allowed! Featuring McMMO and Obsidian Destroyer, Cash for mobs, Bounties, free ranks and mor... (more)
44 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 2/200
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1374 Votes per day: 5
FriendlyMinecraftUK VanillaSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledHunger gamesYoutube Server IP:
Welcome to the server! Minecraft survival at its finest. You can join a group of friends and build up a town, or go it solo and live as a hermit..Friendly atmosphere and enthusiastic players. Come and join a great community, make some friends and play some Minecraft. With FriendlyMinecr... (more)
45 Version: BungeeCord 1.8 Players: 13/1000
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1363 Votes per day: 4.1
Minetown Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistEconomyFactionsSkyblockMcmmoYoutubeMinigames Server IP: MT.GG
Mining since 09/2010. Our server is one of the oldest and most experienced. With mature staff and a welcoming community, Minetown is a great server to all. 40,000+ members registered on our website, our wide host of servers offer gameplay suited to all players. Plugins designed for perfect... (more)
46 Version: 1.8 Players: 6/500
Uptime: 99.47% Location: Unknown
Score: 1346 Votes per day: 3.6
MyanCraft Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabled Server IP:
SVanilla: Survival: PVP: Raiding: Griefing: Dedicated IP There is no land protection on this server outside of spawn. Raiding and griefing are allowed. We've been active since June 2013 and just got a new map. We are currently running Spigot. The server difficulty is on hard, and the w... (more)
47 Version: 1.7.9 Players: 13/125
Uptime: 100.00% Location: North America
Score: 1296 Votes per day: 3.6
Gildorym Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalWhitelistNo pvpMonsters enabledRoleplayFactionsYoutube Server IP:
Gildorym is intended to be a simplified Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 based Minecraft server with Mature Role-play scenarios inside the continent of Faerûn. -Dungeons -Events -Roleplay PVP [Fair system that allows for luck and chance to win -Preset lore: D&D 3.5 edition Forgot... (more)
48 Version: HysteriaCloud 1. Players: 0/999
Uptime: 100.00% Location: Europe
Score: 1266 Votes per day: 5.5
GamePlayBulgaria Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayTownyCracked servers Server IP:
- Survival - PvP - Events - Residence - PlotMe - 24/7 Online - No Lag - No Hackers - No Griefs and more Join Now !
49 Version: 1.7.10 Players: 4/48
Uptime: 99.86% Location: Europe
Score: 1258 Votes per day: 3.1
ARS Craftination Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalNo whitelistPvpMonsters enabledEconomyRoleplayYoutube Server IP:
MINDESTALTER 15! Youtube: Trailer: Website: Map: TS3: Kein PW ARS Craftination, ein rein deutschsprachiger Server, zeichnet si... (more)
50 Version: 1.8 Players: 10/20
Uptime: 99.77% Location: Oceania
Score: 1231 Votes per day: 2.2
gamingaus Bukkit/SpigotSurvivalPvpMonsters enabledEconomy Server IP:
Welcome To ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Over 2000+ Members Plugins we use: -Essentials -PermissionsEX -Lockette -Block on glass Falsebook -MagicCarpet for donators-Trusted -Warrant Forums-inga... (more)
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